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A Unique Marriage Proposal Idea

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Unique marriage proposals can be difficult to create. You don’t want to be too cliché, otherwise it won’t be as memorable to your partner.

The ultimate goal is to get a resounding YES without hesitation (bonus points for tears of joy). You want to put your own spin on the proposal idea want to make sure your proposal is unique and authentic to your relationship.

Don’t forget: every proposal is different and the important thing is to be true to yourself and your relationship with your partner. Whatever you plan and however you decide to propose will speak volumes more than trying to be completely original.

Want to make this moment even more special? We highly suggest hiring a florist to decorate the proposal spot and a wedding photographer to not only capture the moment, but provide a keepsake as a fond memory to remember forever.

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The Story:

Richard reached out to us and wanted to do something truly unique and out of the ordinary for his longtime girlfriend, Diana. Well, we definitely specialize in unique and as “hopeful” romantics, how could we say no?

While it was a bit of a time crunch (another thing we specialize in), we came up with an idea to make this surprise proposal special. Our plan was to take the happy couple on a little joy ride through Cass vineyard on our modern vintage sidecar before stopping at this beautiful Oak tree (where we host our Wine Country After Hours experience) decorated with gorgeous floral arrangements.

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Needless to say, Diana was speechless and overcome with emotion as Richard got down on one knee. “7 years overdue,” he said, Diana, with tears streaming down her face. It was truly a wonderful moment that we were so blessed to be a small part of (Spoiler Alert: she said yes!) We want to congratulate Richard and Diana and wish them many happy years to come.

To sum everything up: propose from the HEART. Do your due diligence to find the perfect way to express your love and request your partner’s hand in marriage. Your love for one another and the kind of life you wish to build together should reflect your own personal story.

And if you’re looking for something truly extraordinary in Paso Robles, your friendly neighborhood Third Wheel guides are just a short ride away.

Thanks again for all your help!

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